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January 17, 2018
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Introduction and Objectives

There are very few brick industries currently operating in the Dhankuta District, mostly Clamp kilns and Moving Bulls Trench kiln (BTK) which uses firewood as fuel for brick production. This hampers the existing forest in the region as well as pollutes the environment. But he proponent of this industry intends to introduce new brick manufacturing technology called VERTICAL SHAFT BRICK KILN (VSBK). The proponent intends to construct & operate two-shaft brick kiln.

Brick industry is the backbone of infrastructure development & construction work and occupies one of the most important places in the urbanization of the country. Recognizing the increased level of air pollution emitted by brick kilns which are detrimental to human health in Kathmandu valley and outside, the government has provided a mandatory provision to integrate environment protection measures while construction brick kiln in Nepal. The provision has been made by the enforcement of Environmental Protection Act (1996) and Environmental Protection Regulation (1997). The prime objective of this proposed industry is to manufacture fired brick for domestic market and purpose of this study is to undertake an initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of a Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln proposed by P.A.N.N brick factory.

a)    Impact on Land

The location of the industry is Dhankuta,Belhara, Ward No:2. The industry will use soil brought from outside. The industry will not produce any kind of effluent and heavy digging of the land will not carried out so there will not be establishing this project.

b)    Impact on Environment & Human LifeThe project will do some impact on environment due to following aspects.
  • Dust generation
  •  Smoke emission to atmosphere
  • Particulate matter emission to the surrounding
  • Gases like SO2, CO, CO2 etc. emission to atmosphere
  • Heat radiated from kiln

But these factors will be minimizing in VSBK technology.

(I)    Effect on Human Life

The industry may make little adverse impact to local people due to dust, smoke and various toxic gasses. There is no significant human settlement within 2 km of this project. So there will be hardly adverse impact on health of local people.