Regd. No: 70122/066/067
February 25, 2018
Welcome to PAAN Brick

Welcome to PANN BRICK

PAAN Brick Pvt. Ltd. registered with Company register office in Tripureshower, Kathmandu and Small industry committee in Dhankuta. Our Brick industry has contributed in the construction of ample number of new structures with its production of new technology.

The production site of our company is located at eastern region of Nepal the place call Dhankuta. The central office is Dhankuta municipality word no 7 and the production site is Belhara village development committee, Patlekhola, world no 2 of Dhankuta district. The distance is 564 kilometres east of Kathmandu City remote from the City area. The production is at most of the part modernized to ensure volume and quality...

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Information of Dhankuta

Dhankuta a part of Kosi Zone. The district covers an area of 891 km square and has a population (2001) of 166,479 the height of district is 1750m height from sea level. Dhankuta is the district headquarters and a major administrative region in the Eastern region.

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VSBK Technology

In May 2002, the Government of Nepal announced the discontinuation of production licenses for Bull's trench kilns (BTK) with movable chimneys. This decision along with environmental concerns from neighbouring communities has placed brick makers under strong pressure to find...

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